Meet Caroline

Certified Counsellor & Mental Health Coach

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Hi my name is Caroline and I'm a counsellor. I'm so passionate about self care and mental health and I want to help others to live a full and authentic life. 

What makes me different is I've been in your shoes, always saying "Yes" when I wanted to say "No". Getting sucked into other peoples drama because I wanted to be a good friend, feeling guilty if I wasn't helping people. 

Not feeling good enough, doubting myself and overall low self worth and confidence. 

I needed others to validate me. I wasn't living true to myself. The biggest one was always caring what others would think of me. I held myself back! Can you relate to this?

Let me help you empower yourself to live your best life or at least start your journey. The first step can be hard but taking that step is growth and you stepping into a new chapter.